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Tools for comparing databases, tables, finding unused indexes, manipulating strings, performance tuning, converting data, and so much more.

And did we mention, free?
(Latest release v6.0 October 2017)

What are the SDU Tools?

SDU Tools is a toolkit that is shipped as a single small schema. It can be placed in any existing database or perhaps in a new database. Each release completely replaces all contents of the SDU_Tools schema. It contains utility functions and procedures. Many of the functions are useful when performing troubleshooting but others are just general purpose functions. This toolkit is updated every month. Find the latest version or sign up to be notified of updates at and for suggestions or bug reports, please email
To see how any of the tools work, click the tool for a short video presentation

Tools Information

Database and Table Comparison Tools

General Functions

Database Utilities

Scripting Functions

Data Conversion Functions

Performance Tuning Related Functions and Procedures


Note that string manipulation in T-SQL is relatively slow. Many of these functions would be much faster as SQLCLR based implementations but not all systems have SQLCLR integration enabled. To make them work wherever possible, all of these functions are written in pure T-SQL. We also don't assume that you're using the latest version of SQL Server, so the functions are written to work on all currently-supported versions.

The Fine Print (Disclaimer and License)

We try our hardest to make these tools as useful and bug free as possible, but like any software, we can never guarantee that there won't be any issues. We hope you'll decide to use the tools but all liability for using them is with you, not us. You are free to use the tools in this collection as long as you keep them in the SDU_Tools schema as a single set of tools, and as long as this notice is kept in any script file copies of the tools. We don't want lots of different versions of them out in the wild and would prefer them to stay in a single small schema that's easy to upgrade. They can be used privately or commercially. You may not repurpose them, redistribute, or resell them.
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